20 Years of Winemaking at White Hall Vineyards

White Hall Vineyards

5282 Sugar Ridge Road
Crozet, Virginia 22932

White Hall Wines

White Hall's winemaking philosophy is that "wonderful wines are made from the careful handling of great fruit." Combining attentive vineyard practices with modern winemaking techniques has resulted in the consistent production of wines of excellence. White Hall's wines have won numerous awards across the nation for their fine quality, and White Hall has become recognized as one of the premier wineries in central Virginia.

Chardonnay 2014
Over the years, it has become known as "Charlottesville's Chardonnay.” Our largest production, this wine is fashioned with beautiful extraction of fruits, fresh and lively acidity, and subtle, well-integrated oak flavors.
Technical Notes
This Chardonnay was fermented and aged on its lees half in French and American oak barrels, and half in stainless steel tanks. Aged for 10 months in barrel where the lees were stirred frequently. The wine was gently racked from barrel to tank prior to bottling.
100% Chardonnay

Pinot Gris 2014
A rich nose of apples, honeysuckle and citrus leads into a balanced palate of honey with a lengthy finish.
Technical Notes
The 2014 Pinot Gris was harvested in several Estate lots. These copper colored grapes were harvested then destemmed and left on the skins for 4 hours for added mid-palate richness. The skins were then pressed off and the fermentation occurred in stainless steel tanks and neutral French oak barrels. These enological practices give our Pinot Gris its intense minerality. Malolactic fermentation is inhibited as the wine ages for 7 months in stainless steel tanks.
Food Pairings
Fried Oysters, Scallops, Fresh Fruit and Nuts, Delicate Chicken dishes, Foie Gras

Viognier 2014
This may be the white wine to convert those who …“Only drink reds”
Technical Notes
Produced using the highest quality fruit harvested from our vineyard and two long standing local growers, our winemakers ensure minimal skin contact at press followed by a long cool fermentation to ensure the correct balance between the delicate, intricate aromas and flavors of this grape variety with its characteristic bitterness. A combination of tank and neutral-oak barrel aging with regular batonnage and careful blending results in a refined, elegant example of the Rhone derived varietal wine.
Food Pairings
Thai and Indian dishes, Blackened Chicken and Salmon, Steamed Lobster

Gewürztraminer 2014
This vintage of WHV Gewurztraminer is made in an Alsatian style. Making it a delightful accompaniment to Asian and spicy dishes, as well as an aperitif.
Technical Notes
Following hand harvesting our Gewürztraminer 2014 was de-stemmed and cold soaked on the skins for 4 hours and then gently pressed. The juice was then added to neutral oak barrels and stainless steel tanks for a slow, cool fermentation.

Soliterre 2012
The Soliterre, our version of a German Eiswein, is a sweet dessert wine with a fabulous concentration and a beautiful balance of sweetness and acidity.
Technical Notes
The Soliterre is made of 60% Vidal and 40% Petit Manseng. The Petit Manseng was frozen for 4 days and then pressed. The resulting juice was 40 Brix with a PH of 3.30. A slow cool fermentation was started and took almost 2 months at 50 degrees F. Resulting sweet wine was blended with dry Vidal Blanc which lowered the sugar to 10%. The wine was fined with Isinglass and sterile filtered prior to bottling.

Vin Gris 2014
A dry rose, the Vin Gris emerges with fresh strawberry aromas carrying into a crisp palate full of light spices and cherries, and finishing with hints of apple
Food Pairings
Pairs well with a variety of foods, and our Vin Gris also serves as the perfect aperitif wine!

Cabernet Sauvignon NV
Technical Notes
Following wet harvests for our 2011 and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon the grapes were gently de–stemmed and whole berry fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures. This non-vintage Cabernet Sauvignon was blended with a touch of Cabernet Franc for added fruitiness.

Merlot 2013
Technical Notes
This classic varietal of Bordeaux grows well in Virginia’s long, warm summers. A late April frost in White Hall reduced grape yield, resulting in intensified berry color and flavor. A longer hanging time on the vine, combined with extended maceration and nine months of aging in a combination of neutral and medium-toasted French Oak barrels are features of this limited vintage.

White Hall Red NV
The White Hall Red is an easy drinking, fruit forward blend of Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin. Our winemaker changes the blend each year, allowing for experimentation.
Tasting Notes
Typical Cabernet Franc notes of black currant and plum with black raspberry from the addition of Chambourcin combined with smoky French oak on a long persistent palate.
Technical Notes
90% Cabernet Franc, 10% Chambourcin, RS 0.2
Food Pairings
Grilled steaks, lamb chops, pork loin, pizza, spare ribs, pasta with red sauce
March 26, 2014

Touriga 2014
Rich ruby colors and tart cherry aromas precede a bold palate filled with cloves, cinnamon, and a spiced coffee finish.
Technical Notes
This vintage of our Touriga is comprised of mostly Touriga with the addition of some Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The Touriga is aggressively managed throughout the growing season keeping the yields low and the sunlight at maximum levels into the canopy. The resulting grapes are then harvested in optimum conditions and aged in barrels for 9 months.
Food Pairings
Quail, Boar, Venison